Cliffs and beach of Guadamía

The fluvial beach

The fluvial beach

In Guadamía we will find one of the most beautiful recreational areas of Asturias. Organizing a picnic in this space is a great idea. We are on the edge of the sea, on a coastal rasa with extraordinary views of the high coast of Llanes and the Jurassic profiles of Ribadesella. Behind us, in the background, the Sierra de Cuera rises; to the front: the beach.

The cliffs and the beach of Guadamía could well serve as a natural classroom for an intensive course of karst modeling. In addition to a practically fluvial beach, we find in this environment surprising forms that the sea has created in a permanent struggle to overcome the natural barrier of the coast itself. The traces of dissolution are very deep and have reached great development in the form of cavities and channels on the surface of calcareous rocks. The cliffs are full of covachas. In this area we can enjoy the so-called jesters of Llanes: narrow vertical chimneys through which the water gushes out with great noise, mixing salt water and air.

On the cliffs of the coast, local fishermen fish at high altitude. The enclave is idyllic.

Following the marked route that leaves the recreational area itself, a winding path, we can make a small excursion in the vicinity. At the step we get the calls dry wells that dot the area. They have a large perimeter and the rocks, like pointed battlements, are organized in a concentric way leaving in the center a black background where the waves hit. The sea enters these spaces despite the fact that some of them keep a great distance with the cliff. In some cases true natural pools are formed.

The Guadamía River, natural border between the municipalities of Ribadesella and Llanes, in its short distance of about seven kilometers from the Sierra de Cuera, it descends between beautiful places until reaching the sea at the height of the Arenes fort. When it empties into Guadamía beach itself or Llames beach, it has sculpted a narrow gorge in its own image. In the area that precedes Guadamía it forms a sandy area or marsh known by the locals as La Siatera, a kind of calm water fjord.

The beach It is surprising. A narrow channel, elongated between the cliffs, whose property is disputed by the river and the Bay of Biscay. There is no beach more protected from the onslaught of the sea in all the east of Asturias. It is, therefore, very safe for the bathroom. At the beginning of its long tongue the depth of water is scarce and ideal for children. At low tide, what remains is a long sandy beach, ideal for beach games and sunbathing.

The length of the beach is about 800 meters, perpendicular to the coast, the width of the channel of about 80 meters, the sand is white and fine, the average depth in the bathing area is 1,50 meters, without sharp drops or depressions. The waters tend to settle. It is clean of rocks and algae. The waves are scarce or zero and there is no risk of currents.


How to get there

The access cores closest to the beach are the villages of Llames de Pría (Llanes) and Cuerres (Ribadesella). To reach them we do it from the AS-263 that communicates the municipalities of Llanes and Ribadesella in the border area of ​​both councils.

From Llames de Pría there is road access to the beach, although it is convenient to face the last section on foot because there is plenty of parking in the vicinity of the beach.

From Cuerres, and through an asphalted road of about two kilometers, we can reach the recreational area, a few meters from the beach.

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coordinates Latitude: 43.4564095 Length: -4.9815702
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