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San Timoteo Luarca

A very popular saint

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A very popular saint

San Timoteo is one of the most populous and fun pilgrimages in Asturias. With a singular Saint who receives all kinds of wiggles; perhaps excessive trusts on the part of parishioners. But for them, San Timoteo is like a friend with whom they can share spree and popular songs throughout the day.

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There are few precedents in the religious celebrations of the last decades in which the party "because yes" has been sought first, the day, the apology to celebrate a good pilgrimage, and then, in the saints, the saint who fits on this specific date. And in addition, a field was purchased for that purpose, there by 1913, a chapel was subsequently erected, and the "sacred" carving was created for the same festive purpose.

The result: a date in which cider, songs and fervent devotion to the saint and the new wedge party abound.

All 22 August The town of Luarca celebrates its San Timoteo festivities. The town of Luarquina is a hotbed of people who gather in the Campo de San Timoteo to sing happy birthday to the saint and enjoy a picnic with family and friends.

The festivities of San Timoteo begin on the night of August 21 with fireworks and verbena. Upon waking up on 22 day, firecrackers are launched and the parade of rocks begins in the streets of the town. Charangas coming from different parts of Asturian geography accompany "Giants and big headeds", who do not hesitate to whip with their handmade whips. The dolls «Telma» and «Pinón», with the Timothy shrimps, are part of the parade's appeal. They walk the most central streets between the promenade of the pier and the avenue of Galicia, for fun of children and adults, and are headed towards the hermitage.

The hermitage is in the so-called Campo de San Timoteo, full of tents waiting for the pilgrims, who arrive with groups of pipers and brass bands.
The timoteínos are dressed with «Shrimp», The usual is blue and white squares, although today the designs are very varied, not only in colors, but with pirate ships, with floral prints ... wooden cane and the T of bread around the neck.

Once the hermitage is reached, the mass is performed and the saint is taken to an outer chapel in procession. The classic song is sung "St. Timothy, eo, eo, eo" with numerous air canes, something very typical of the pilgrimage. After the simple ceremony, the rosemary lunch begins, in the fields surrounding the hermitage.
At the end of the afternoon, the public present in the prao would start the march to the Alfonso X el Sabio square, where the night verbena was waiting for him.

San Timoteo is a Festival of Tourist Interest of the Principality of Asturias.

Text: © Ramón Molleda for desdeasturias.com

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