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Niemeyer Cultural Center

Niemeyer Cultural Center

Niemeyer Cultural Center
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    This Friday, March 25, the Oscar Niemeyer International Cultural Center was inaugurated, located in the city of Avilés, at the foot of its emblematic estuary. The Niemeyer center will be the center of an ambitious project of urban reorganization and economic regeneration, since it will be the motor of the so-called Island of Innovation, which will totally transform the margin of the estuary currently occupied by industrial land.

    The Niemeyer Center has an advisory council made up of prominent personalities from different spheres of culture and society. Thus, this council is formed by the American filmmaker Woody Allen, the English scientist Stephen Hawking, the Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho and the Internet creator and Google Vice President, Vinton Cerf.

    "A place open to everyone, a place for education, culture and peace," said Oscar Niemeyer the center that bears his name, and thus will open its doors.

    This will be the only work of Oscar Niemeyer in Spain and, in his own words, the most important of all those he has made in Europe. With the same healthy ambition, the Niemeyer Center aims to become an international reference in the production of cultural content, a space associated with excellence dedicated to education and culture. To achieve this, the cultural complex consists of five independent and complementary pieces:

    · An auditorium with capacity for 1.000 spectators.
    · A diaphanous exhibition space.
    · Tower-viewpoint over the river and the city.
    · Multi-purpose building that will house a cinema, rehearsal rooms, meetings and conferences.
    · An open square, in which cultural and leisure activity will be programmed continuously, and which aims to be the link between the Center and the city.

    In short, a space for culture with a new and attractive approach, which comes to be added to other equipment such as the Art Center of La Laboral in Gijón.

    More info at www.centroniemeyer.org

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