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«Gijón eats» 2018

«Gijón eats» 2018

"Gijón eats" 2018
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    Three years after the start of its journey, "Gijón is eaten" has become the most innovative gastronomic event in Asturias, as the press, the public ... and the participants say.
    This 2018 will be the December 1 and 2 days.
    Two days 100% culinary show.

    A festival innovative and open, based on a mixed concept. And this means that there are:

    · Show Cooking Zone: area of ​​scenarios for cooking exhibitions and conferences.

    · Market Area: area of ​​exhibitors and gastronomic destinations.

    · Gastro Zone: restoration area and food trucks.

    · Workshops Area: spaces for formative and interactive activities.

    · Gastrolibrería: sales space and signatures of books.

    · SHOW COOKINGS. Exhibitions of live cooking of prestigious professionals (kitchen, pastry) of the regional and national gastronomic scene.
    We can see: Lara Rodríguez (Al Punto, Langreo), Fran Heras (My candelita, Bañugues), Edén Jiménez and Liset Rubio (Secret to voices, Oviedo), Miguel Álvarez (De Labra, Oviedo), Isabel Pérez (Aliter Dulcia, Gijón), Frank Pérez (Salazogue Bistronomie, Oviedo), Mariano Mier (Rte. El Quinto, Gijón), Estela Antuña (Contestant Mastercher Junior 4), Mª Carmen Vélez (La Sirena, Alicante), Iván Martínez Villar (La gran Vetusta, Oviedo), Aitor Vega (Expert in Cheeses), Mª Teresa Pérez (Isacel Bakery), Xavier Barriga (Turris Bakeries), Jhonatan Glez. (Pastelería Cabo Busto, Luarca), Jesús Glez. (Sumner Coalla Gourmet), Sebastian Simon (Blog Gourmet like me).

    Check 2018 participants

    Conferences, workshops, colloquia, exhibitor market, tastings and tastings, book shows and food trucks… all this is «Gijón se eats».

    Festival schedule GijónSeCome 2018

    · December 1 Saturday: 12: 00 to 24: 00
    · December 2 Sunday: 12: 00 to 21: 00

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