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Days of the 2017 Massacre

Days of the 2017 Massacre

Days of the 2017 Massacre

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    In Amieva and Alto Sella they offer a tasting menu of nine consecutive "gochu" dishes on the cold days of February. Is declared Festival of Tourist Interest of the Principality of Asturias.

    Gastronomic days are held every weekend in February and consist of nine tasting dishes, one after another:

    Liver soup
    Cabbage pot
    Pregnant Boroña
    Pig hands
    Stewed tongue
    Boronzu fritu
    <em> Lomo </em>
    Homemade desserts
    Wines of Rioja

    It is important to reserve the dates of attendance well in advance:

    - Alto Sella - 985 944 903

    - Camín de Beyos - 985 944 698

    - Casona de Mestas - 985 843 055

    - Casa Severa - 620 134 533

    - Dobra Bridge - 985 848 342

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