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Days of Flour and Corn Llanes 2013

Days of Flour and Corn Llanes 2013

Days of Flour and Corn Llanes 2013

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    Every year in the month of March the Days of the Flour and the Maize are organized, this year 2013 will take place from the 8 to the 10 and from the 16 to the 17 of March.
    Flour and corn are an important part of the llanisca gastronomic tradition and culture. Tortoises, borona or pantruque are undoubtedly the best known dishes.

    This year the price of the menu is 18 € + VAT including wine with DO

    Promotions parallel to the days:
    · 10% discount on Fomtur accommodation. To enjoy the discount it is necessary to present the invoice of having tasted the days. Discount can not be combined with other offers of the establishment and only for direct bookings.

    · Drawing of 4 menus for 2 people among the customers of the shops associated with Llanescor. From the 1 to the 8 of March, in the shops, customers will be given a ballot to participate in the draw of 4 menus of the days for 2 people in the participating Allares restaurants.
    1er Raffle (2 menus), the March 8. 2º Raffle (2 Menus), the March 15.

    Participating establishments, in which it is recommended to book in advance.

    1- Restaurante Cenador LA HACIENDA DE DON JUAN
    C / Pidal, 29. Llanes 985 403 559

    Appetizers (Shrimp and corn balls, and cobbled corn and salmon)
    Asturian broth with pantruque and truffled egg
    Stew of baby squid with its sautéed strips and corn cream
    Three different tortos
    Home Desserts
    Wine with DO, coffee and shot
    Hacienda de Don Juan Restaurant

    2- Restaurant WE HAVE CONTIGO
    Ardisana 985 925 609

    Pot with pantruque and blood sausage
    Borona pregnant with liver soups
    Our assortment of tortos
    Homemade desserts
    Wine with DO, coffee and shot
    Restaurant Contamos Contigo

    3- Hotel restaurant KAYPE-QUINTAMAR
    Beach of Mud. Mud. 985 400 900

    Our selection of appetizers
    Nest of corn with sautéed prawns, octopus and seasonal mushrooms over avocado soup
    Trunk of ox and foie gras with escalibada and cream of polis
    Vanilla-scented fried milk with crunchy almond toffe
    Wine with DO, coffee and shot
    Restaurant Hotel Kaype-Quintamar

    4- Grill RIEGU
    Irrigation (Vidiago) 985 411 011

    Boronu fritu
    Asturianu pot with black pudding and pantruque
    Assortment of corn tortillas and dumplings
    Bizcochu drunk with sweet apple caseru
    Wine with Rioja DO, coffee and shot
    Riegu Grill Restaurant

    5- Restaurant EL CAMPANU
    Pº de la República, 7. Llanes 985 401 021

    Crab cake with corn gratinCourgette soup with goat cheese and tender cornVegetarian sauce with corn chopSemi cold rice with milkWine with DO, coffee and shot

    6- Restaurant EL RIVERU
    C / Ignacio Noriega "El Gaiteru", 2. Llanes 985 400 998

    Tender corn cake with blue cheese gratin
    Cream of crunchy corn seafood
    Hake loins with apple and tender corn vinaigrette
    Gypsy arm with corn jam
    Wine with DO, coffee and shot

    7- Sidrería LA CASONA
    C / Mayor, 26. Llanes 985 400 958

    Warm salad of vegetables and criollo with corn cream
    Scorpion fish pie with corn nachos and fried Bolla with candied apple
    Tortos with sirloin and vegetables at Porto or Pote Asturiano with pantruque or Tortos with eggs and picadillo
    Frixuelos stuffed with rice pudding
    Wine with DO, coffee and shot

    8- Restaurant LA CUEVA
    C / Marqués de Canillejas, 3. Llanes 985 401 864

    Chickpea stew with pantruque
    Varied of tortos
    Pregnant Borona
    Fritters with chocolate
    Wine with DO, coffee and shot

    9- Restaurant MIRADOR DE TORÓ
    Avda. De Toró. Llanes 985 400 882

    Boroña pregnant individual
    Assorted tortellines to choose
    Iberian cheeks in corn cake with Bedón cheese
    Home Desserts
    Wine with DO, coffee and shot

    10- Hotel MONTEMAR
    C / Genaro Riestra, 8. Llanes 985 400 100

    "Boronos" tacos in a bed of peppers and caramelized onions
    Assortment of Montemar tortos
    Verdinas in the style of the Ardisana Valley (midday)
    Tortos with eggs, Iberian ham and house tomato (night)
    PostreVino with DO, coffee and shot

    11- Restaurant RIOMAR
    Toró beach. Llanes 985 401 026

    Appetizer (Corn pizza with cod brandade)
    Liver soups with crunchy corn
    Tuna rolls on corn tortini
    Ball kebabs with caramelized onions
    Frixuelo de maíz with white chocolate foam and passion fruit
    Wine with DO, coffee and shot

    12- Restaurant SAN PELAYO
    Nmber 985 407 376

    Appetizer (corn crust compango croquette)
    Individual pregnant borona with light cream of fabada
    Assorted tortos (onion and muscancia, scrambled algae and oricios, picadillo and quail egg)
    Pork tenderloin in corn crust with Bedón cheese cream and sautéed apple
    Drunken corn cake with cider marc with ice cream and raspberry
    Wine with DO, coffee and shot of Los Serranos

    13- Restaurant EL RETIRO
    Pancar 985 400 240

    Corn cream with salted sardines, black garlic and dried tomatoes
    Tortos, grilled vegetables, octopus and ali-oli
    Chickpeas with pantruque (midday)
    Chicken cachopo battered with corn flour (night)
    Cream and hazelnut sponge cake with red berries
    Wine with DO, coffee and shot

    14- Restaurant RÍU CALABRES
    The Corredoria. Bricia (Posada). 985 407 622

    Appetizer (Corn cake stuffed with mustard sauce)
    Corn gratin cake
    Trio of tortos (cabrales and walnuts, matachana with apple, egg, hash and tomato)
    Sweet cup with ice creamWine with DO, coffee and shot

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