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Cabrales: the best cheese in Spain

Cabrales: the best cheese in Spain

Cabrales: the best cheese in Spain

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    In Cabrales they are in luck, the cheese that bears his name all over the world has had a prize. The Food Fair which is celebrated in Barcelona every year has recognized this year a Cabrales cheese as the best cheese in the country. Andrea Fernández, from Quesería Arangas, and José Bada, in charge of the maturation in the Teyedu cave, in Tielve, picked up in Barcelona the diploma that recognizes this award, convened by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

    The coalition of Andrea Fernández and José Bada made possible what until now is the greatest triumph of an Asturian cheese, because it has conquered the highest step of the ministerial appointment, which distinguishes the best among the best.

    This is a cheese made "without haste", which has matured seven months in a cave, when two or three months are normal. In addition, according to the architects, the other secret is the quality of the raw material used to make it.

    La Quesería Arangas started operating only one year ago, so this award is a good boost for your activity.

    Teyedu cheese is sold normally at 30 euros / kilo, twice the usual price for Cabrales cheese.

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