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52 International Film Festival of Gijón

52 International Film Festival of Gijón

52 International Film Festival of Gijón
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    This year the 52 edition will take place from 21 to 29 in November. The International Film Festival of Gijón receives the Lumière Medal for its 52 years of experience. The distinction will be presented during the 21 opening gala in November at the Jovellanos Theater.

    Following in the wake of previous editions, the official section is committed to international films, risky films, different stories of all kinds, ranging from Spain to India, through the United States, South Korea or Iran.

    OFFICIAL SECTION of the 52º Gijón International Film Festival

    Fuego, by Luis Marías
    Duration: 90 me.

    Life Feels Good, by Maciej Pieprzyca
    Duration: 107 me.

    The 5 of Workshops, by Adrián Biniez
    Argentina, Uruguay, Germany, France, Holland
    Duration: 100 me.

    Halfway (out of competition), by Geoffrey Enthoven
    Duration: 115 me.

    Hippocrates, by Thomas Lilti
    Duration: 102 me.

    Melbourne, by Nima Javidi
    Duration: 91 me.

    Métamorphoses, by Christophe Honoré
    Duration: 102 me.

    Party Girl, by Marie Amachoukeli-Barsacq, Claire Burger and Samuel Theis
    Duration: 96 me.

    Trap Street, by Vivian Qu
    Duration: 94 me.

    White Bird in a Blizzard, by Gregg Araki
    Duration: 90 me.

    Xenia, by Panos H. Koutras
    Greece, Belgium, France
    Duration: 128 me.

    Calvary, by John Michael McDonagh
    United Kingdom, Ireland
    Duration: 104 me.

    Hill of Freedom, by Hong Sang-soo
    South Korea
    Duration: 66 me.

    Love At First Fight, by Thomas Cailley
    Duration: 100 me.

    The Cut, by Fatih Akin
    Germany, Cuba
    Duration: 138 me.

    Titli, by Kanu Behl
    Duration: 127 me.

    Men, Women & Children, by Jason Reitman. Out of competition
    United States
    Duration: 119 me.
    The director, four times nominated for the Oscar, won the Special Prize of the Young Jury at FICX2007 with «Juno».

    17 short films will compete to enter the preselection of the Oscars.
    A total of 17 short films will fight to win the highest award and thus enter directly into the preselection for the Oscar Awards, an opportunity that only 4 festivals in Spain and Gijón is one of them.

    Terry Gilliam, Honor Award at the International Film Festival of Gijón. The brilliant film director and member of the Monty Python will go to Gijón to collect the award and teach a master class.

    On Friday 21 in November, the Inaugural Party at the Casino de Asturias with the performance of Marlango. Admission: 10 € .. Afterparty, Lanna Club and The House of God. Entrance 6 € with glass, free with the entrance of Marlango.

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