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50 Film Festival of Gijón

50 Film Festival of Gijón

50 Film Festival of Gijón
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    The film Beyond the Hills, by Romanian director Cristian Mungiu, will open the 50ª Edition of the Gijón International Film Festival.
    The film, winner at Cannes of the best script and best female performance awards, will compete in the Official Section along with other 15 titles of the best current independent film.

    Official Section Long 2012
    Couleur de peau: Honey [Approved for Adoption] - Jung, Laurent Boileau - Belgium, France, Switzerland

    Barbie - Lee Sang-Woo - South Korea

    Yellow - Nick Cassavetes - USA

    Between Us [Closing - out of competition] - Dan Mirvish - USA

    Gimme the Loot - Adam Leon - USA

    The sale of paradise [The Sale of Paradise] - Emilio R. Barrachina - Spain

    Shadow Dancer - James Marsh - United Kingdom, Ireland

    Teddy Bear - Mads Matthiesen - Denmark

    California Solo - Marshall Lewy - USA

    După dealuri [Opening] [Beyond the Hills] - Cristian Mungiu - Romania, France, Belgium

    Children [Children of Sarajevo] - Aida Begic - Bosnia-Herzegóvina, Germany, France and Turkey

    Momoiro sorawo [About the pink sky] - Japan - Keiichi KOBAYASHI

    Hayuta ve Berl [Epilogue] - Israel - Amir Manor

    Hello I Must Be Going - USA - Todd Louiso

    It is better not to talk about certain things [Porcelain horse] - Ecuador, USA - Javier Andrade

    Syngué Sabour [The patience stone] - Afghanistan, France, Germany - Atiq Rahimi

    Trip to Surtsey Spain - Javier Asenjo, Miguel Ángel Pérez

    Enfants Terribles

    Kokuriko-zaka Kara [From up on Poppy Hill] - Goro Miyazaki - Japan

    Das Haus der Krokodile [Victor and the Secret of Crocodile Masion] - Cyrill Boss, Phillip Stennert - Germany

    Igor VeMasa Ha'Agurim [Igor and the Cranes' Journey] - Evgeny Ruman - Israel, Germany, Poland

    Allez, Eddy! - Gert Embrechts - Belgium

    Pinocchio - Enzo d'Alò - Italy, Luxembourg, France, Belgium

    Die Vampirschwestern [The Vampire Sisters] - Wolfgang Groos - Germany

    Kauwboy - Boudewijn Koole - Netherlands

    Arcadia - Olivia Silver - USA

    Le Paradis des Bêtes [Beast Paradise] - Estelle Larrivaz - France

    Rouyidan Dar Bad [Growing in the Wind] - Rahbar Ghanbari - Iran

    Le fils de l'autre [The Other Son] - Lorraine Levy - France

    Orchim LeRega [Off White Lies] - Maya Kenig - Israel

    ГАМЕР Gaamer - Oleg Sentsov - Ukraine

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