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50 Anniversary of the discovery of Tito Bustillo

50 Anniversary of the discovery of Tito Bustillo

El April 11 1968 eight members of the Torreblanca Mountain Group of Oviedo and two riosellanos, discovered the cave of Tito Bustillo. 50 years of the anniversary are now fulfilled.
Among the group were Eloísa Fernández Bustillo, Jesús Manuel Fernández Malvárez, Amparo Izquierdo Vallina, Ruperto Alvarez Romero, Pilar González Alas, Adolfo Inda San Juan, María Pía Posada Miranda, Elías Ramos Cabrero and the deceased Fernando López Marcos and Celestino Fernández Bustillo (Tito Bustillo). The latter was the one gave name to the cave after its sudden death a few days after the discovery. In Ribadesella they have organized activities to remember such an important day in the local stories:

· Friday 13
19: 30 h. Presentation of the activities program of the 50 anniversary of the discovery. Assembly Hall of the House of Culture.
20: 45 h. Concert of the Choir of the Princess of Asturias Foundation. Parish Church Santa Mª Magdalena, Ribadesella.

· Saturday 14
12: 00 h. Recreation of the Descent to the Tito Bustillo Cave by the Torreblanca Group.
19: 30 h. Round table. Group of discoverers Torreblanca.

· Saturday 21
12:00 h. Ringing of bells. European call for simultaneous manual touch, for the candidacy of ringing of bells to Intangible Heritage of Humanity. UNESCO.
12: 15 h. Presentation of the 10 anniversary of the constitution of the Moru Church Cultural Association.
12: 30 h. Lecture: «The wall painting in Ribadesella, from the cave of Tito Bustillo to the wall painting of Moru. Parallelisms and proposals for reflection. »
13: 00 h. Musical performance Church of Moru.

· Thursday 26
18:30 h. 50 Anniversary, with the participation of the Women Association for the culture of Oviedo and Tertulia el Garabato.

· 13 Sunday
Workshops for children commemoration Tito Bustillo. New Square.

· Saturday 12
Bagpipe Championship «Duardo el gaiteru Sárdeu»
. Premiu commemorative of the public «Pozu'l Ramu». New Square.

· Saturday 19
19: 00 h. Encounter coral «Tito Bustillo»
Ribadedeva Choir, Peña Santa-Ramón Prada Choir of Cangas de Onís and La Fuentina Choir of Ribadesella. Assembly Hall House of Culture.

· Saturday 9
Asturian bowling. Commemoration of the 50 Anniversary «Tito Bustillo». Municipal Sports Center of Ribadesella.

· Friday 29
Opening temporary exhibition «50 years of discoveries in the Cave of Tito Bustillo».
Tito Bustillo Rock Art Center.

· Friday 13
Projection Mapping 50 Anniversary.
Town Hall Square.

· Saturday 14
XXI Painting Contest on the street «Darío de Regoyos»,
dedicated to the 50 Anniversary of the discovery of «Tito Bustillo» and the 50 Anniversary of the García Lomas Group.

· Saturday 21
Conference of Alberto Villa «An art without heads». Ribadesella Culture House.

· 22 Sunday
Prehistoric children's workshops of the Tito Bustillo Rock Art Center. New Square.

· Monday 6

International canoe test «Villa de Ribadesella».

· Thursday 9
19: 30 h. Lecture by Javier Angulo «Sex in Prehistory». Ribadesella Culture House.

· 16, 17 and 18 days
Concerts in the Cuevona de Ardines.

· Saturday 25 and Sunday 26
Traveling book fair «Fantabulosa». Town Hall Square.

· Tribute to Rodrigo Balbín Behrmann. Without date.
· Documentary presentation «Tito Bustillo, 50 anniversary of the discovery». Tito Bustillo Rock Art Center. Without date.

· 31 for August, 1 and 2 for September
II Historical Festival of Ribadesella.

· Saturday 1
Repainting Tito Bustillo.

· Friday 19
Presentation book «The Cave of Tito Bustillo»
by Rodrigo de Balbín Behrmann.

· From 1 to 15

School workshops. Tito Bustillo Rock Art Center.

· From the 24 nov to the 31 of December
50 anniversary exhibition Tito Bustillo.
Exhibition hall Casa de Cultura de Ribadesella.

· Saturday 8

Concert closing 50 Anniversary of the Discovery of Tito Bustillo. House of Culture of Ribadesella.

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