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48º Ascent to Fito 2019

48º Ascent to Fito 2019

48º Ascent to Fito 2019

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    The days 17, 18 and 19 May a new edition of the International Rise will take place at Fitu. Thursday May 16 At 20 hours, at the home of the Arriondas culture (Calle Leopoldo Alas Clarín), its presentation to the media will take place.

    Given that the test contains dangers for the attending public, from the organization certain recommendations:

    · Choose the highest places to enjoy the test, they are the most advisable.
    · If you place yourself at the level of the road, the recommended distance is 25 m. on the edge of the road. If you are one meter high, the recommended distance to the edge of the road is 10 m .. If you are two meters high, the recommended distance is one meter at the edge of the road.
    · The areas forbidden to the public are marked with red markings in the direction of the route.
    · Follow the instructions and respect the members of the organization.
    · Free access and evacuation routes for ambulances.
    · Put yourself behind the yellow tapes of «PUBLIC AREA».
    · Respect the environment, do not throw garbage on the route and respect private property.

    Notice: we inform you that by eliminating the sleeve of priority vehicles, the pedestrian accesses by the different areas open to the public, will be closed from the 10: 00 h. of the 18 Saturday in May, instead of the 09: 00. Therefore, the start of the first training session goes to the 11: 30 h.

    To enjoy!!

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