37 Rally of Llanes

37 Rally of Llanes
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The 37º Rally Villa de Llanes is fought every day 27, 28 y de Septiembre 29. About twenty pilots and first-class vehicles are among the contenders for victory in this event, which makes for a spectacular and highly contested rally.

The 37º Rally Villa de Llanes closed its registration with A total of 74 equipment, an outstanding participation.

The main novelty this year is the situation of the regrouping in the street of Marqués de Canilejas, in the center of Llanes, as well as the return to be held on the Shakedown or test section, between Andrín and Cué, on the morning of the day before the test. The special stages are the same as in last year's edition.

In the morning, the sections of Nueva-Labra (19,90 Km.) And Arriondas-Carmen (22,20 Km.) Will be held, while in the afternoon the stages to celebrate are Tornería (11,37 Km.) And the complicated Valle Oscuru ( 25,43 Km.) Where the pilots will find very winding roads with different types of asphalt and areas where the sun never shines. These four sections will be covered twice on Saturday 28 of September 2013.

Total distance of the route: 471,060 Kms.
Total number of special stages: 8
Total distance of the special stages: 157,800 Kms.
Number of sections: 4
Number of stages 1

1ª and 2ª Section

1.- New - Labra (19.90 km.) 08: 30h

2.- Arriondas - Carmen (22.20 km.) 09: 18h

3.- New - Labra (19.90 km.) 11: 33h

4.- Arriondas - Carmen (22.20 km.) 12: 21h

3ª and 4ª Section

5.- The Turning (11,37 km.) 15: 36h

6.- Oscuru Valley (25.43 km.) 16: 34h

7.- The Turning (11,37 km.) 18: 56h

8.- Oscuru Valley (25.43 km.) 19: 54h

Assistance and regrouping: Llanes

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