Festival of natural cider Nava 2019

Festival of natural cider Nava 2019
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Nava hosts the festival of natural cider one more year. It is a complete tribute to the traditional Asturian drink that this 2019 is celebrated from the 12 to the 14 of July, being Saturday 13 the big day. This festival has been declared Festival of national tourist interest. It is worth noting as one of the main acts of the festival the International pourers competition, in which the best specialists try each year to take on the distinction of winner of this prestigious award.

MARTES 9 of July
17: 00 h. Final test of the contest for the best ciders and apple derivatives made in Asturias, sections of natural table cider, foamy cider, ice cider, apple snacks, spirits and vinegars. Sociocultural Center «Llagar de Sorribes».

· 19: 30 h. SIDRAFORUM. The other ciders. Your tasting and future potential.

JUEVES 11 of July
18: 00 h. Pre-selection test of the contest for the "Best Natural Cider" made in Asturias, in the Llagar de Sorribes.
18: 30 h. Theater on the street «Circo Bomboloni» of the company 'Hygienic Paper Theater' in the Plaza Manuel Uría.
· 19.00 h. Bowling tournament in the bowling alley of the Cider Museum recreational area.

VIERNES 12 of July
· 18: 00 h. In the Cider Museum, he presented the 'Manegueru' prize and the concert of students and teachers of the Municipal School of Music of Nava.
· 22: 30 h. In Manuel Uría Square, performance of the orchestra 'Revelación'.
· 00: 00 h. Great fireworks show.
· 00: 30 h. In Manuel Uría square, performance by the 'Pasarela' orchestra.

In the morning weekly market and bagpipe and drum parades with the 'Gaiteros del Carbón'.

From the 11: 30 to the 13: 30 h. In the area of ​​the Cider Museum, tasting of natural cider made in Nava and gastronomic products of the council (Tortos, sausages, cheeses, sweets ...)
· 12: 00 h. «Final of the Best Natural Cider Contest» elaborated in Asturias and Nava in the town hall arcades. After the first round of the event, the "Most Beautiful Label" of the Contest will be delivered (Organized by the "Sidrastur" group).
· 14: 00 h. Act of twinning of all the Ciders of Asturias, in the arcades of the Town Hall. Organized by the Good Brotherhood of the Siceratores of Asturias.

During the whole afternoon arrival of the first Sidrotrenes enabled by RENFE / FEVE and at night there will also be Alsa Owl service. (Consult schedules and destinations in
· 17: 30 h. Parade in charge of the 'Gaiteros del Carbón'.
18: 00 h. Performance of the dance group «La Flor del Pumar».
· 19: 20 h. Reception of authorities in the City Hall.
· 20: 00 h. Award ceremony for the Best Natural Cider made in Nava and Asturias, as well as the best natural table cider, sparkling cider, ice cider, apple appetizers, spirits and vinegars. Delivery of the prize to the Best Pomarada de Nava.
Proclamation of the XLII Cider Festival by the naveta Susana Hevia.
· 21: 00 h. Great chupinazo and start of the Ruta de la Cider de Nava (Pipes in the street).
· 22: 30 h. In Manuel Uría square, performance by Dj Nacho Otero.
· 00: 00 h. In the Manuel Uría plaza, performance by Dj 'Pika'.
· 02: 30 h. In the Manuel Uría square, performance by the DJ 'Nacho Otero'.
· 04: 00 h. In the Plaza Manuel Uría performance of the Dj 'Pika'.

· 12.00 h. XXXII International Cider Cups Competition in the Manuel Uría plaza.
From 12: 30 h. XIII Edition of the Tortu Festival in the Manuel Uría plaza. Organized by: Association of Muyeres Dña. Jimena (Nava).
· 17: 00 h. In the Plaza Manuel Uría Coral Meeting of Cancios de Sidra.
· 22: 30 h. In Manuel Uría square, performance by the 'Nueva Banda' orchestra.
· 00: 00 h. In the Manuel Uría square, the group's 'Ráfaga' stellar performance.
· 01: 30 h. In Manuel Uría square, performance by the 'Nueva Banda' orchestra.

LUNES 9 of July
From the 17: 00 h. Games for children, inflatables, animation, car circuit and free sports activities, in the sports area of ​​Nava.

coordinates Latitude: 43.3583984 Length: -5.5093861

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