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Fiestas del Portal Villaviciosa 2018

Fiestas del Portal Villaviciosa 2018

Fiestas del Portal Villaviciosa 2018

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    The 2018 Portal Parties 7 will be held at the 12 in September, with a wide range of activities aimed at all public.
    The program maintains the essence of the festivities and incorporates at the same time new features among which the special performance on Saturday of the Portal, coinciding with the Day of Asturias, by José Ángel Hevia, within the tour 'Al son del Indianu'.
    The little ones will have fun assured. On Saturday, the PetiteCaravane, an old caravan converted into a theater in which to enjoy Adrián Conde's show, will stop at the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.
    As it is already tradition, the Festivities will include different sports events: XXXVI Tournament of Tennis Our Lady of the Portal (final the 6 of September), VII Tournament of Futsal Parties of the Portal, the LXXIII Regatta of Piraguas Ría de Villaviciosa- Grand Prix El Gaitero (8 of September), XXXX National Motocross Our Lady of the Portal (9 of September), LXXXII National Cycling Circuit (11 of September), in addition to the match that will face the CD Loyalty to Real Avilés.

    [Friday 7 of September]
    · 21.00 Town Hall Square. Opening ceremony of the festivities. Proclamation by José Ángel Hevia. Greetings from the Mayor. Pyrotechnic closure.
    · 00.00 El Pelambre: Grupo Cayenna.

    [Saturday 8 Day of Asturias]
    Lugás. Nta Sra. Virgen de Lugás's Day. Pilgrimage to the sanctuary.
    · 11.45 Procession of the branches by the field of the church and solemn mass.

    · 10.00 to 14.00 Manuel Busto Sports Center. VII Indoor Football Tournament Fiestas del Portal. They organize Rodiles FS and Rodiles Sport.
    · 14.30 Award ceremony.

    · 16.00 The Strut LXXIII Regatta of Piraguas Ría de Villaviciosa. El Gaitero Grand Prize. Organized by Club de Piraguas Villaviciosa - El Gaitero and FPPA.
    · 19.30 Award ceremony.

    Throughout the day, in two shifts in the morning and afternoon at the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.
    · The Güevu animáu, multi-game area ...
    · 19.30 Holi Party. It is recommended to go with a white shirt and sunglasses to avoid contact with the eyes.

    · 18.00 Camp de les Caleyes. CD Lealtad - Real Avilés.
    20.00 Riera Theater XXI Chapel Choir of the Tower Contest
    Orfeón San Lorenzo, Serious Voices Choir of Gijón and Chapel Choir of La Torre de Villaviciosa.

    · 23.30 Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Hevia in concert 'Al son del indianu'.
    Verbena with the Cordosom Group.

    [Sunday 9 September]
    · 10.30 Escueles Graduaes. Exit of the ramu towards the Parochial Church accompanied by the Villaviciosa Aires de Asturias Folkloric Group.

    · 11.00 Parochial Church. Solemn Mass. Procession from the Santina del Portal to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.
    Accompanied by Band of Music of Villaviciosa, Banda de Gaites Villaviciosa-El Gaitero and Grupo Folclórico Villaviciosa Aires de Asturias.
    Town Hall Square. Dance of the Portal, under the direction of Ana Mª González Suárez.

    · 16.30 Prau La Fontanina. XXXX National Motocross Our Lady of the Portal.
    · 21.00 Award ceremony in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

    · 17.00 Plaza del Ayuntamiento. XXXI Pourers Competition.
    · 20.00 Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Special Concert of Portal Sunday. Band of Music of Villaviciosa.
    · 23.30 El Pelambre. Verbena with the Assia Group.

    [Monday September 10]
    · 11.00 Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Children's drawing contest Fiestas del Portal.
    · 12.30 Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Childish games.
    · 16.00 to 18.00 Plaza covered. Collecting the collaborator's bag.
    · 18.00 Plaza del Ayuntamiento. XXXIV Regional Natural Cider Contest.
    · 19.30 Pelambre (carp of the hair in case of rain). Snack on the street.
    · 23.00 Hair. Verbena with The Last Legion. The most faithful tribute to Spanish pop rock.

    [Tuesday 11 September]
    · 16.00 Calle Marqués de Villaviciosa. LXXXII National Cycling Circuit «Our Lady of the Portal» Criterium format.
    Plaza del Ayuntamiento Award ceremony at the end of the race.
    · 19.00 Escueles Graduaes. Pekeportal. 19 hours of workshops, activities, games, inflatables, dinner, sleep, breakfast ... with Actívate. Price: 25 €.
    Under previous registration in the phone 635 257 554 (Whatsapp) or through the email info@activateocio.es. Born between 2006 and 2012

    · 23.00 Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Concentration of disguised clubs. Delivery of ribbons and flags.
    · 23.30 El Pelambre. Galilee Orchestra and Macrodiscoteca Havana.

    [Wednesday 12 of September]
    · 09.30 La Barquerina. LXI Contest-Exhibition of cattle.
    · 12.00 Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Performance of the Folkloric Group Villaviciosa-Aires de Asturias and parades.
    · 12.30 Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Asturian Festival of Tonada: Duet Astur (Luis Estrada and Jorge Tuya) and Grupo Folclórico Villaviciosa-Aires de Asturias.
    · 16.30 pasacalles Les Xanines de Quintes.
    · 17.30 Verbena del Portal. Duo Clarín. Goyo Suarez Cristina Rudolph and Rafa Lorenzo.
    · 22.30 El Pelambre. Verbena with the Marbella Orchestra.

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