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Christmas at Ribadesella 2017

Christmas at Ribadesella 2017

In these upcoming dates, the Ribadesella City Council has organized several ...
"Pincho estrella" Llanes 2017

«Star Skewer» Llanes 2017

Star gastronomy

The Association of Traders and Freelancers of the Council of Llanes (LLANESCOR) calls the ...
"Gijón eats"

«Gijón eats»

100% gastro show

The second edition of GijónSeCome, the sustainable and responsible gastronomic festival of ...
Amagüestos Asturias 2017

Amagüestos Asturias 2017

Of ciders and chestnuts ...

The amagüestu is a popular event that unites Asturians around the sweet cider of ...
Gijón de pinchos 2017

Gijón de pinchos 2017

High gastronomy in miniature

Record year with 119 establishments offering their "Pinchos de Concurso" in the 10th ...
XXVII Contest of the Chestnut

XXVII Contest of the Chestnut Arriondas 2017

The XXVII Chestnut and Orchard Products Contest, an essential event for ...
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