Fiestas del Portal Villaviciosa 2017

De folixa in Villaviciosa!

Fiestas del Portal Villavciosa 2017
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The Fiestas del Portal this year are celebrated of September 8 to 13. They keep the essence of the festivities and incorporate at the same time novelties such as the classic carousel that from 7 to 24 in September will be in operation in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento; or the Special Concert of Ntra. Sra. del Portal, of the Villaviciosa Music Band, which will also be held on the stage of the Town Hall Square on Sunday 10, at 19.00 hours.

Likewise, a new edition of the Apple Festival, the first must will be blessed, before the Virgin of the Portal, on Wednesday, 13 day.


21.00 h. Town Hall Square:
Act of opening of the parties led by TV presenter Arantxa Nieto. Proclamation by Tino Cortina, as President of the Regulating Council of the Sidra de Asturias Denomination of Origin. Greetings from the Mayor and presentation of the Queens and Kings of the holidays.

00.00 h. Les Barquerines: Fireworks
00: 30 h. El Pelambre: Orchestra Marimba


10.30 h. Manuel Busto Sports Center
· VI Futsal Tournament Fiestas del Portal

11.00 h. Tazones-Villaviciosa (The Wide)
· XXXV Cross Imperial Route Carlos I. Popular Race Tazones-Villaviciosa

17.00 h. The Strut
LXXII Regata de Piraguas Ría de Villaviciosa. El Gaitero Grand Prize

20.00 h. Riera Theater
· Coral Chapel of La Torre Contest: Polyphonic Choir Santa María de Cambre (A Coruña), San Roque de Lastres Choir, Coral Chapel of La Torre de Villaviciosa.

23.30 h. El Pelambre
· Real Sonora Orchestra

Throughout the day, in two shifts of morning and afternoon
Town Hall Square, The Güevu animáu. Inflatables, games, face painting and animation.
Town Hall Street, Skate Zone, Surfing dry!


10.30 h. Graduales schools
· Exit of the ramu towards the Parochial Church

11.00 h. Parish Church
· Solemn Mass sung by the Parochial Choir and procking from the Santina del Portal to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.
· Dance of the Portal, in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento and ramu auction in the Parochial Church.

16.30 h. Prau La Fontanina
· XXXIX National Motocross Our Lady of the Portal

17: 30 h. Campo de les Caleyes
· CD Loyalty - CD Leiola

19: 00 h. Town Hall Square
· Special Concert by Ntra. Sra. Del Portal, with the Villaviciosa Music Band

23: 30 h. El Pelambre
· Charleston Big Band Orchestra


11.00 h. Town Hall Square
· Children's drawing contest Fiestas del Portal

12.30 h. Town Hall Square
· Childish games

16.00 to 18: 00 h. Covered Plaza
· Collection of the collaborator's bag

17.30 h. Town Hall Square
XXXIII Autonomous Natural Cider Contest

19.30 h. Pelambre (Carp of the Hair in case of rain)
· Jira familiar tomentioned by Clown Tato show and The Gascons

22.00 h. Town Hall Square
· Nando Agüeros y The Sabineros


16.00 h. Cervantes Street
· LXXXI National Cycling Tour "Our Lady of the Portal"

19.00 h. Graduales schools
· Pekeportal Talleres, activities, games, inflatables, dine, sleep, breakfast ... with Get active, for children born between 2005 and 2011. Price: 25 €. Under registration before September 11 at, @Activateocio or 635 25 75 54.

23.00 h. Town Hall Square
· Concentration of disguised rocks. Delivery of ribbons and flags.

23.30 h. El Pelambre
· Orchestra Original Version y Mobile Disco Vas Bailar


09.30 h. The Barquerina
· LX Contest-Exhibition of cattle

12.30 h. Town Hall Square
· Asturian Festival of Tonada with Astur Dúo (Luis Estrada and Jorge Tuya)

16.30 h. Town Hall Square
· First must offering.
· Dance of the Portal, Under the direction of Ana Mª González Suárez, with the accompaniment of the Band of Music of Villaviciosa and the collaboration of the Band Gaites Villaviciosa - El Gaitero

18: 30 h. Sports center - C / Víctor García de la Concha - C / Ramón Rivero Solares - C / Alejandro Casona - C / Marqués de Villaviciosa - Town Hall Square:
· Contest and parade of carnavals "Fiestas Nuestra Señora del Portal".

22.30 h. El Pelambre
· Orchestra Cinema

coordinates Latitude: 43.4813385 Length: -5.4335365

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