Fiestas del Portal Villaviciosa 2016

Fiestas del Portal Villaviciosa 2016

Villaviciosa celebrates the festivities of Our Lady of the Portal between the 9 and the 14 of September. The big day will be on Sunday 11 September. We leave you the complete schedule of events and activities that will be held.


· 21.00 h. Plaza del Ayuntamiento: opening speech by La Banda Gaites Vilaviciosa "El Gaitero" on its 30 anniversary. Greetings from the Mayor. Presentation of the Queens and Kings of the holidays.

· 00.00 h. Fireworks.

· 00: 30 h. El Pelambre: Takikardia Orchestra.


· 11.00 h. Tazones-Villaviciosa (El Ancho): XXXIV Cross Imperial Route Carlos I. Popular Race Tazones-Villaviciosa.
· 11.00 h. El Puntal: LXXI Regata de Piraguas Ría de Villaviciosa. El Gaitero Grand Prize.

· Throughout the day, morning and afternoon, Town Hall Square
Super Park Multiactivities: 20 activities for all ages: inflatable castles, workshops in decorated tents, giant games, video game tent, sports games and animation team.
Paw Patrol Show.

· Throughout the day, morning and evening, Balbín Busto
Skate Zone, Surfing dry! The Association of the Beach to the Screen, with the collaboration of SPECIAL SURF RODILES, invites you to try surfskate, longskate or to train in surf simulators type indoboard, slackline, etc. Also skating area, circuit and demonstrations with experts.

· 16: 00 h. Covered Square: XXXIV Our Lady of the Portal Tennis Tournament.

· 20.00 h. Riera Theater, Coral Contest Chapel of the Tower: Polyphonic Choir Tapia de Casariego, Polyphonic Asturian Center of Avilés, Coral Chapel of La Torre de Villaviciosa.

· 23.30 h. El Pelambre: Orquesta Pasito Show.


· 11.30 h. Graduaes School: departure from the ramu towards the Parochial Church, accompanied by the Villaviciosa Folk Group.

· 12.00 h. Parochial Church: Solemn Mass sung by the Parochial Choir and procession of the Santina del Portal to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.
- Plaza del Ayuntamiento: Dance of the Portal, under the direction of Ana Mª González Suárez.
- Parochial Church: ramu auction.

· 16.30 h. Prau La Fontanina: XXXVII National Motocross Our Lady of the Portal.

· 18: 00 h. Campo de les Caleyes: CD Lealtad - CD Guijuelo.

· 23: 30 h. El Pelambre: Macro Orchestra Show The Formula.


· 10.30 h. Plaza del Ayuntamiento: children's drawing contest Fiestas del Portal.

· 12.30 h. Town Hall Square: children's games.

· 16.00 to 18: 00 h. Covered Plaza: collection of the collaborator's bag.

· 18.00 h. Plaza del Ayuntamiento: XXXII Regional Contest of Natural Cider.

· 19.30 h. Pelambre (carp of the hair in case of rain): Jira familiar.

· 23.00 h. Plaza del Ayuntamiento: Rodrigo Cuevas.


· 16.00 h. Cervantes Street: LXXX National Cycling Circuit "Our Lady of the Portal".

· 19.00 h. Graduaes School: Pekeportal.

· 19.00 h. of workshops, activities, games, inflatables, dinner, sleep, breakfast ... with Actívate.
Price: 25 €. Under previous registration in or through Facebook Activate

· 23.30 h. El Pelambre: Concentration of disguised rocks. Delivery of ribbons and flags. Grupo Assia and Grupo Distrito Xoven.


· 09.30 h. La Barquerina: LIX Contest-Exhibition of cattle.

· 12.00 h. Plaza del Ayuntamiento: start of the parade of the Portal, by the Villaviciosa-Aires de Asturias Folkloric Group.

· 12.30 h. Plaza del Ayuntamiento: Asturian Song. Luis Estrada and Jorge Tuya.

· 14.00 h. Plaza del Ayuntamiento: performance of the Folclorico Villaviciosa-Aires de Asturias group.

· 17.30 h. Plaza del Ayuntamiento: the verbena del Portal. Da Silva Group.

· 20.30 h. Plaza del Ayuntamiento: the concert of the Portal. Band of Music of Villaviciosa.

· 22.30 h. El Pelambre: Macro Orchestra Olympus Show.

· 00.00 h. Traca Final de les Fiestes. Pirotecnia Pablo, from Cangas de Narcea.

coordinates Latitude: 43.4813957 Length: -5.4334507

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