Fiestas del Portal Villaviciosa 2015

Fiestas del Portal Villaviciosa 2015
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Villaviciosa celebrates the festivities of Our Lady of the Portal between the 11 and the 16 of September. The Big Day will be the 13 Sunday of September. We leave you the complete schedule of events and activities that will be held.


I Portal Street Food Market
12: 00 - 00: 00 The Width
Skate Zone with Dj atmosphere.

Act of opening of the holidays
20: 00 Town Hall Square. In charge of Sonia Fidalgo.
· Proclamation by Pedro Menéndez Tomás, President of the Loyalty CD.
· Greeting from the Mayor.
· Presentation of the Queens and Kings of the holidays.

00: 00 From the Barquerina

Orchestra Pasito Show
00: 30 El Pelambre


XXXIII Cross Imperial Route Carlos I
11: 00 Tazones - Villaviciosa (El Ancho)
Popular Race Tazones-Villaviciosa
Awarding of prizes to the 13: 00 in the Width. Organized Club Athletics of Villaviciosa.

LXX Regata de Piraguas Ría de Villaviciosa. Grand Prix «The Bagpiper»
16: 30 The Strut
16: 30 - Prebenjamines and benjamines
17: 00 - K2 and K1 senior, youth and veteran 50
18: 35 - Alevines
Awards ceremony from the 21: 00 in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento
Organized by: Club de Piraguas Villaviciosa - El Gaitero and FPPA

17: 00 Grupu Les Xanines

Bolos Fiestas Nuestra Señora del Portal
18: 00 Bowling of the Athenaeum
PB Noreña - Selection of Villaviciosa

Petit Pop
19: 00 Town Hall Square

Choir Contest Chapel of the Tower
20: 00 Teatro Riera
Coral San Felix (Lugones)
Coral of the Camino Real de Galapagar (Madrid)
Coral Chapel of the Tower (Villaviciosa)

Royal Sonora Orchestra
00: 00 Town Hall Square


Exit of the Ramu towards the Parochial Church
11: 30 Graduate Schools
Accompanied by the Villaviciosa Folkloric Group.

Solemn Mass sung by the parish choir
12: 00 Parish Church
Procession of the Santina Portal to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Accompanied by the Band of music of Villaviciosa, the Band of Gaites Villaviciosa-El Gaitero and the Folkloric Group of Villaviciosa.

Dance of the Portal
13: 30 Town Hall Square
under the direction of Ana Mª González Suárez.

Auction of the Ramu
14: 30 Parish Church

XXXVI National Motocross Our Lady of the Portal
16: 30 Prau de la Fontanina
Awarding of 21 Awards: 00 in the Town Hall Square

Soccer 2ª División B
17: 30 Municipal Field of Las Callejas
CD Lealtad - Pontevedra CF

Contest Meyor Sidra Casero d'Asturies
17: 30 Town Hall Square
Organized by the Association for the Promotion of Asturian Traditional Cider.

Takikardia Orchestra
23: 30 Town Hall Square


Children's Drawing Contest Fiestas del Portal
10: 30 Ballina Park

12: 30 Town Hall Square
Frida Kahlo, Vincent Van Gohg and Salvador Dalí will accompany the participants during the contest and will develop the games «Improvised painting», «The great collage of the world» and «Great games» (parachutes, giant balloons, balls, strings, musical games and dynamic ...).

Collection of the sociu stock market
16: 00 - 18: 00 Town Hall Square

Zumba Marathon
17: 00 Balbín Busto Street [Plaza Covered in case of rain]

Presentation of the base teams of the Loyalty CD
17: 00 Field of Les Caleyes

Bolos Fiestas Nuestra Señora del Portal
18: 00 Bowling of the Athenaeum
Selection of Villaviciosa - PB Piloña

TATO Clown Show
18: 00 Town Hall Square

Jira al Prau
19: 30 Prau de la Ballera [Carp of the Hair in case of rain]
Departure from the Town Hall Square
Grupo Folclórico Villaviciosa and Charanga L'Struendo de Salas

Windlass songs
21: 00 Chigres de Villaviciosa

Xoven District Group
22: 00 Town Hall Square

The Golden Age of Spanish Pop
23: 30 Town Hall Square
Pablo Perea, Joaquín Padilla, Alberto Comesaña, Chus Herránz, Borja Montenegro, Pedro Roncero, Ricardo Esteban, David Rodríguez.

Xoven District Group
01: 30 Town Hall Square


LXXIX National Cycling Circuit «Our Lady of the Portal»
16: 00 Cervantes Street
Organized by Club Ciclista Villaviciosa - Mayador

XXXI Natural Cider Regional Contest
19: 00 Llagar de La Ferrería - Cortina

19: 00 Municipal Sports Center
19 hours of workshops, activities, games, inflatables, dinner, sleep, breakfast ...
Members price: 15 € (parent or partners of the Holidays)
Overall price: 25 €

Concentration of disguised clubs
23: 30 Parque del Pelambre
Delivery of ribbons and flags
· Assia Orchestra
· Dj


LVIII Contest-exhibition of Cattle Vacuno
09: 30 Parque de la Barquerina

Asturian Festival of Tonada
12: 30 Town Hall Square

Offering of the first must
16: 30 Town Hall Square
Dance of the Portal, under the direction of Ana Mª González Suárez.

Contest and parade of bodies «Fiestas Nuestra Señora del Portal»
18: 30 Different locations of Villaviciosa
It will travel the streets of:
· Victor García de la Concha
· Ramón Rivero Solares
· Alejandro Casona
· Marquis of Villaviciosa
· Town Hall Square

musical performances
22: 00 Town Hall Square
· The lemons
· Suarez and Bertrand «Electric Show»

Traca Final de les Fiestes
00: 00 Different locations of Villaviciosa


Solidarity Fair in favor of Cáritas
Dates: 14, 15 and 16 for September
Schedule: from 10: 00 to 22: 00
Asensio Martínez Cobián Park (El Pelambre)

Exhibition «Geographies of the sea», by Guillermo Simón
Dates and times:
11 Friday 12: 00 to 14: 00 and 17: 00 to 20: 00
12 Saturday of 12: 00 to 14: 00
Exhibition Hall of the José Cardín Fernández Foundation

XXXIII Tennis Tournament Our Lady of the Portal
I Open Paddle Aqualia Trophy Portal 2015
Qualifying matches: from 4 to 12 for September
Finals: 12 from September to 16: 00

coordinates Latitude: 43.4813385 Length: -5.4335365

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